Kiara: Human


Kiara stood in the shadows of the mast. The red-hued boat was a stark contrast against the sea, like blood against the sky, but she tried not to think of that. Silently, she hid behind a few boxes and watched as the nobles and leaders of Algonier gathered on the deck. They were having a meeting; about the voyage and the New Kingdom, things like that.

Kiara grimaced as she saw the rings and pendants on the men; the jewlery ivory white and glowing in the darkness. They were made from the bones of poor creatures, creatures of Magic.

Algonier, Kiara's homeland, had once been a place of prosperity. The land had been lush, humans had lived peacefully with creatures of Magic. The Magic was the reason for the prosperity of the land, but in the end it was also the down-fall.  The humans had wanted powers of Magic for themselves. 

They killed creatures for their bones, for the Magic within them. Greedily, without compassion. 

When the Magic began to die, so did the land. 

And, thought Kiara, it is all my fault.


The End

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