Drake: Drakon

The wind picked up as a Lykaios howled in the distance. My brother crawled to the edge next to me and lounged in the sun. His hard dark blue scales rippling and reflecting the sun in a hundred diffrent shades of blue. His wings were folded neatly a t his back. His tail whipping slightly. My wing span was grater than my twins and my scales of a far darker colour making me practically invisable in the night. 

"Why so tense brother?" He asks his voice echoing in my mind, the wind changes direction and a shiver runs down my spine all the way to the tip of my spiked tail. 

"Something is diffrent about the wind." I say " it has the Lykaios restless."

"Well, do you think we should tell Father?" my brother asked.

"No, we should investigate ourselves." I heard him sigh but he didn't say anything else. I tensed my powerful legs and sprang from the cliff. I fell my heavy muscular body shaped like a dart as I nose dived from my perch. At fifty metres above the cold rocky ground I spread my forty foot wing-span and rose from my dive. Above me my brother dropped into formation.

It was time to pay a visit to the Lykaios.

The End

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