The Land of Tenanye

Tenanye is a beautiful but mysterious place. On it resides many strange creatures.
Fafnir, the land where the humans live, is dying. Desperate for survival the humans find Tenanye and begin to settle there. But are all the creatures friendly? Or will they seek to destroy the humans?
Come join and find out!


The Lykaios sniffed the air. Something was coming. Something unknown. Swiftly, she turned and ran back to her pack. Her black wings folded tightly against her back so as not to catch on any branches.

 Lykaios were wolf-like creatures with big black wings who gathered in packs but traveled solo. They were only one of the many strange creatures that inhabited Tenanye.

 Some of the Lykaios had magical properties. Cailean is an example of one of those. None of the Lykaios could communicate with the other creatures. But she had been born with the ability to understand and speak the other languages. She didn't speak with her mouth though. She spoke through the minds of the other creatures she encountered.

Once Cailean had reached the spot where her pack had gathered she howled to get their attention. As soon as they quieted she spoke.

"Something is coming to the island! I don't know it it's dangerous or not but we might have to be careful of these new things coming!" she said to them in the language of the Lykaios.

 "You're certain of this?" asked Mgelika, the leader of the pack, who was also Cailean's mate.

 "Yes I am. And with your permission I would like to go get a closer look at this new being."

"Permission granted. Just be careful Cailean. Also maybe you should take Tamaska with you to show him the things he needs to learn." Cailean nodded.

 Tamaska was her only cub and he was almost an adult. It would be good for him to come with her. The sad thing was that Tamaska didn't even know that she was his mother. That was the way of the Lykaios. When a cub is born it is taken away from the mother as soon as it can eat normal food. It doesn't have to leave the pack but the mother cannot say who she is. Nor can the father.

"Come Tamaska." Cailean said as she turned around to begin traveling toward the sent. The young Lykaios appeared from a group of Lykaios his age and ran toward Cailean.

The End

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