Kendra woke up in a field of flowers and almost screamed. Where was she? The only thing that was certain was that this definitly not Fablehaven.

"Seth? Grandpa? Mom? Dad? Grandma?" she called out. Had the Society come back and kidnapped her? Surely not. Maybe it was just Seth playing a prank on her. If it was he was going to regret that. This could also be a dream. She closed her eyes and pinched herself. When she opened her eyes she was still there. Had Bracken brought her to the new Fairy Realm?

She spied a figure walking toward her. Her body stiffened. It was probably one of the Society members coming to take her some place where they'll have her do something against her will by threatening or some kind of mind control or something. She stood there getting ready to run or embrace whatever they had planned for her.

"Bracken? Is that you?" she called out to the figure praying it was him.

The End

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