This will not do.

Maleficent opens up her place gates, only to find, not the gardens or the fountain. But a random island. Maleficent always detested anything beautiful - other than herself of course.

She trudges through the sand, which clogs it's self in the gap of her heels. She swings her arms forwards and backwards to try and get some momentume as she goes, her lips forming a straight line as she concentrates. She finally get to some hard floor, she marched to a hut, eyes balazing.

She bashes the door. She expected to see a servant or someone. But, no. It was a bunny rabbit.

"Hello, how may I help you?" I spoke.

Minerva almost cried out in laughter. "A talking rabbit! HA! ..." she breathes deeply. "Where am I, why am I not at my palace."

"You're at the 'Land of Lost Characters'. Your new home!" It says cheerfully.

"Characters, oh, well then. This just will no do. How do I get back?"

"I-I don't know Miss-"

"I AM A QUEEN! I AM YOU Ma'am  NOT A MISS!" She screams.

"Oh I am sorry, ma'am. Please sit down." The rabbit shoos some other 'characters' out of the seats. She sits in the biggest, scowling at them all.

The End

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