The land of lost characters

In the future, TV has overthrown the world. Books are made illegal and all story characters are taken to 'The land of lost characters'
Can some of the greatest works in history escape and defeat the evil TV.

"What, where am I?" Willy Wonka announced dramatically, looking around him. He was on a beautiful island which sandy beaches and wooden huts hidden among the strange plants. Smoke was calmly escaping from a wooden chimney. Willy decided to investigate the huts to see if they belonged to some Oompa-Loompa's. He knocked on the door.

He stared down expecting to meet someone at height level to his knee. He did meet a person like that. But not an oompa-loompa. They did not have large white, hairy feet and did not wear rather tatty waistcoats with pocketwatches. It was a white rabbit.

"Hello" said Willy cheerily, putting out his gloved hand to shake. The rabbit stared at him with it big spectacled eyes with a bored smile

"How may I help you?" Behind the rabbit was a collection of other characters. A young man with a scared forehead and a wand, a polar bear carrying a golden compass and a group of five children who were secretly discussing something. The White Rabbit seemed impatient with my prolonged silence.

"I would like to know where I am"

"You are in the 'Land of lost characters'. Your new home"

The End

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