Standing up, I brushed bits of dirt and dust off me. My head throbbed with a dull, aching pain and my vision was partially blurred. I rubbed my eyes trying to clear them when something big, bold and dramatic caught my attention. 

Scrawled in black writing were the words: 'Welcome to the land of Bad Characters' with a population reading 7. I wasn't the only 'Bad Character' then obviously. I wasn't surprised to find myself here, I knew karma was going to get me sooner or later. The question was how did I get here?

'Luke probably,' I muttered under my breath. Just because I might have nearly killed his girlfriend he had a vendetta against me. Total overreaction much. 

I decided to explore the land around me, to see where everyone else was. I didn't mind being on my own but it was probably better to assess how much danger I was in. 

Around me stretched dry, rocky terrain with mountains towering overhead that looked extremely out of place. In the distance I could spot a cluster of buildings: my destination.

What seemed like mere minutes later, I reached an old saloon. Pushing open the wooden doors, every head in the room turned to face me. I was instantly alert. 

'Who are you lot and where the hell am I?' I demanded.




The End

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