Lake Bentleigh


"Where am I?" I screamed, staring around at the landscape around me.  The last I could remember was trying to work out how the heck I was going to tell my twin sister that I had not only slept with her best friend, who was my roommate, while she was on her honeymoon, but that I was pretty sure I was pregnant to him. I'm sure there had been more to my story after that but I couldn't remember it and the whole thing had a feeling of being incomplete.

Flicking my red hair out of my face I glanced at a sign in front of me. "Welcome to the Land of Bad Characters" I read aloud, watching as the number on the sign increased by one. The sign itself freaked me out. I couldn't be a bad character, could I? I mean sure, I had been selfish and vapid and just a general cow in my twin's story. But we had had that big fight and then began to work things out. I was changing for the better, so much that when the author had gotten stuck towards the end of River's story she had started writing one about me. I was a good person now. I mean I had made some mistakes, mistakes I had been dreading telling River about, but who hadn't.

I began to walk a bit, wondering if maybe the fact that I had changed was the reason I was here. Maybe I had been easier to write when I was selfish and cruel? A hand crept to my stomach wondering if, if I had been sent here, whether my pregnancy had as well. Maybe there would be a doctor somewhere who could find out for me.

I hadn't walked far before a collection of buildings sprung up, and people standing outside, staring at me. More bad characters? I wondered to myself, briefly curious as to why their authors had abandoned them and whether they could be trusted. But it didn't look like I had much choice. 

"Who are you?" one of the girls asked, as I noted there seemed to be 2 close to my own age.

"Lake," I replied, trying to make my voice sound confident. "Can anybody tell me what the heck is going on around here?"

The End

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