Hugo: Helly

This new place was ever so odd but it seemed to grow on me. It reminded me of the little village the yeti carried me to...boy that was one crazy adventure. It was where I discovered I had a twin and I met his fourteenth times grandson in the future. He was an inventor but one of his inventions had to be given away through fear it would be stolen.

Then it struck me. As everyone greeted this Christine girl I felt in the back pocket of my jeans. Still there.

"Well little missy" the bartender announced to Christine "Y'all here because you ain't good 'nough to be in a real story. So Y'all be dumped 'ere in the 'ope you become better characters. Now who wants a drink?"

With the invention secured in my possession I bought the first drink. I realised I had no money and the bartender didn't either. There was no need for money in this land.

"Where am I?" someone screamed outside. Although I had only been here for a minute these constant new arrivals were starting to get on my nerves

"Lets see who this new person is then" I gasped after gulping down my lemonade.

The End

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