Christine Jennings

There is so much dust in the air. Where did it all come from? I live in Florida, we don't have this kind of wind and sand!

Christine sees a shadow cross her path and cups her hands over her eyes to see what it is. It is the sign, proclaiming it's location in a psuedo welcoming taunt.

What!? Bad character? I can not believe it. I helped her finish that story with a happy ending. Maybe that isn't what she wanted. I mean, I know I was supposed to be moody and angsty, but really? I am considered a bad character for being a positive one? Well. When I get out of here, we are going to have a talk. I certainly deserve better than this!

As Christine internally fumes over her dissatisfaction, she notices that there appears to be a small town past the gigantic sign. She trudges towards it, still picking at herself to determine how she could have pleased her author and created a lasting relationship. Her neck hurts, and she wonders if it is from the car accident or from however she got here. Her clothes are hers, just regular street clothes, and her engagement ring is still on. It begins to occur to her that maybe this is just a dream- maybe she will wake up and go to her new business classes at school and plan her wedding and everything will be all right.

Reaching the villages, she hears noise coming from an old fashioned saloon. When she enters, an odd assortment of folks turn to stare at her, among which are two children, a girl her age, and an older gentleman. She was more confused than ever.

"Hey.... hey everybody. I am Christine. What are we doing here?"

The End

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