Annebell Black

My body ached, not like the type of ache that I had when I got the roll of a choosing one for my tribe. This achey feeling is from falling down on something hard, not like a floor, like falling from a airplane without a parachute. I opened my eyes, they started to focus. I struggled to get up to look around. The sun blinded me, so my focus took longer then usual. Once I could see I saw a sign in the sky.

The land of bad characters. I thought. I looked around me, checked my clothes. I was wearing my navy blue shirt tied up on the back to make less loose, my gray sweat pants, my braid became loose. I fixed up my hair and put it in a high pony-tial. Kind of strang of me to have an extra tie on me.

Wait! Land of bad characters? How could I be a bad character? Am I character in someone's story? Does that mine my brother, Jacob is character too, along with the whole pack? I thought. I can't believe this? Martin could killed because of someone making me kill him, my vampire lover. My bestfriend got killed. I got up and started to walked around. I wonder if I could still transform here. I thought.

From a distance I saw something or someone. So I started to walk towards them or it. "I wish the author wrote down that I was wearing shoes." The ground hurts my feet. It's too hot for me to walk around bare foot.  I thought. "I don't care if I'm waering platform boots, as long as it keeps me away from this hot ground."

As I got closer I saw a man smoking a pipe and a girl sitting next to him. I ran to them both, then on the corner of my eye, I saw another man. I slowed down. Freezing on the spot. He looks kind of like Martin. I thought, the girl got up and walked to me. I sensed that she was looking me up and down, but her eyes stared at my feet more often. I collasped as soon as she was standing in front of me.

"What the hell!?" She said, catching me.

"I need a smoke. Can that man let me have some?" I said, leaning against her.

"I don't know. He doesn't talk." She said "Now get off of me." and she let go of me and I fell down.

I got up and walked over to the man. I sat next to him, not looking at him and then I felt eyes staring at me, it wasn't the girl's eyes or the younger man's eyes, it was him, the one smoking the pipe. I felt like saying something or asking something, but my mind already said something to him. I covered my mouth and looked at him. My words were 'Give me some of that, right now!' He just stared at me and then handed me his pipe. I held it my hands and realised that I never smoked out of a pipe before. All of my tobbacos and spiffs were always rolled in tubes or papers. I breathed in and boy it was strong, after I blow out I looked up and tasted tobbaco. The sweetness stayed in my mouth for a while and took another lung full and handed it back to him, saying thank you.

The End

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