Not That Bad of a Title (Ch 26-30)

Things get progressively worse for the people on Earth with the magnetic field dropping and the radiation starting to seep in more people of course die and the days start to grow longer. Julia has eventually lost contact from Seth Morano because he and his father left to go to Mexico. Eventually the government launches The Explorer that is a spaceship that contains memoirs of Earth to make sure that some distant life may someday be able to know Earth as the people of the Earth once did.

Theme- I think the most important theme in the Age of Miracles would be "Even though you may be slowly dying away and death is inevitable, make yourself known or remembered." The reason is because throughout the book there was always foreshadowing. In the beginning, middle, and to the near end of the book it was apparent that the world was going to be ultimately destroyed and everyone would die. At the last page of the book it says; We dipped our fingers in the wet cement, and we wrote the truest, simplest things we knew-our names, the date, and these words: We were here." This quote and some of the text behind it shows that they just wanted to be remembered, they kind of accepted it in a way.

-The slowing of the earth shifted the way the social and economical conditions in a negative way. Certain items became more valuable and scarce and crime rose up. Julia started to care less and less but for some reason she still valued school even though the world was falling apart. Julia's dad on the other hand decided to cheat on his wife and continue to have this affair until Julia's grandfather died. 

-Julia was mostly changed in becoming more adult like. She sometimes showed change in her behavior and overall personality during the entirety of it's slowing. It's mostly showed by how she doesn't freak out at all and still remains calm and attends school. Julia's mother was effected by the slowing drastically. She became worrysome and she had what was known as the gravity sickness and she became dizzy at times and such. 

The End

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