The knights of colour

Each colour knight from the rainbow kingdom is sent on a quest to hunt the dragon and prove which colour is better. But in this magic world anything is possible

"And the winning noble knight is..." all the orange knights edged ever so slightly closer to the grand stage where Queen Amber was addressing the vital news. Queen Amber was one of seven queens in the rainbow kingdom and ruled over all of the Orange land. As a colour queen she was seen as far more superior than the shade monarchs who ruled the black, white and grey villages that neighboured the beautiful nation.

"Persimmon!" she cried as I stood up roaring in joy and pride. The other knights spitfully clapped for me as I approached the stage and shook the Queen's hand after bowing gracefully. I was about to embark on a deadly quest to prove which colour of knight was the best by defeating the mighty dragon and perhaps stealing one of its eggs.

"This young knight" the queen smiled "Is the Orange sword. It will bring you great strength in battle!" I took the jewel incrusted blade and felt the mighty power in my hands. I was about to show off my skills when the hall doors blew open. Every ginger head turned to face a red foe in the doorway. We all stood up at the crimson man but our noble queen shushed us.

"Prince Sinopia what is the matter!"

"Queen Scarlet would like to inform her she has picked her knight but your cousins of the shade are also embarking on such a quest!"

I was shocked. Mere shades attempting to do what mighty colours may not. Unthinkable.

"Go now Sir Persimmon and show them Orange is the best race and kingdom!" I charged through the cheering crowd and past the red prince. Once outside of the rainbow kingdom I saw my competition. The other knights. They were wasting their time. I was going to win.   

The End

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