Aria: Hoping For the Best

Aria ran over to Plantagonox and checked his pulse. He was still alive, but he needed attention. But a huge question began to form within her mind... who, other than Nazara, knew they were here? Who would attack them here? And why?

Aria then remembered the man in the white mask and the black cloak... but then she ruled that possibility out. This didn't seem like the work of the same man... these were humans, not goblins. If it had been the same man, goblins would definitely have been involved. This also seemed... sloppier compared to the masked man's attempts to capture her... or were they here to kill Plantagonox? Aria shook her head. There wasn't time for these thoughts, she needed to get help and fast.

Aria tried to mend the wounds herself, but healing takes a lot of energy, and she knew she wouldn't be able to heal all of it. She only mended to skin, to keep the blood within the body, and then picked Agonox up and attempted to get them to Nazara. The trek was unbearably slow, and every second was precious, but Aria held on to the hope that he would live through this. When she got him to Nazara, Aria was exhausted and collapsed on the floor of the temple, breathing heavily. Nazara helped her up and picked Plantgonox off the ground with some effort and  little help from an tired and aching Aria. They put him in a bed and Aria stood by his bedside, stroking his hair. "Now it's my turn to watch over you."


Cypher was absolutely furious. He knew the girl was powerful, but that was... inhuman. "Damn it! What in the nine hells is she?! No human, magic or non, should be able to cast such magic in so short a time period!!!"

"You underestimated her, Cypher... just as I believed you would." A voice rang from the darkness. Cypher turned and beheld a figure cloaked in  robe that seemed made of darkness itself. Cypher scowled upon seeing him.

"Xeranad Lekard... what are you doing here? Necrosia gave me the charge of finding and kidnapping the brat... this is no concern of yours!"

"Not so cocky now, are you?" Xeranad chuckled behind his mask. He was enjoying seeing Cypher all out of sorts... that calm, impish exterior hid the ravings of an egomaniac who has finally realized the world doesn't revolve around him... the thought made Xeranad grin from ear to ear.

"SHUT UP!" Cypher drew his swords and charged at Xer, only to suddenly be tripped up between his legs by Xer's cloak. He saw the flash of bloodied steel as Xeranad drew his blade, and before he hit the ground or scream, his head was sawn from his neck in a single stroke.

"Well, perhaps I was too harsh... now that the Knight is presently incapacitated, I can at least ascertain who this woman is exactly..." He kicked Cypher's corpse, and then nodded at his raven. "And you will make a lovely meal for my faithful companion."

The End

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