Plantagonox: How the...

After a week of training, Aria had tripled her aptitude for magic.  Instead of merely getting lucky in casting a spell, she had mastered over a dozen.  Nazara even said she was his best student in recent memory, and he had a long memory.

Since they arrived at the island, Aria had been sleeping in Agonox's cave.  Thinking that the island was safe, Plantagonox had begun to spend more time in human form.  While they weren't sleeping together, they were spending much time with each other.

One night as they slept, a group of men crept into the cave.  Aria awoke as she heard them approaching.  She jumped to her feet and sent a spell in their direction.  Agonox, hearing their screams as they died, burst from his bed and started to change form. 

In mid transformation, he was hit by an arrow.  In agony he fell backwards.  The men retreated, their numbers severely diminished from Aria's spell.  She sent another towards them, killing several more.

The enemy finally gone, Aria turned to look at Plantagonox, who wasn't moving...

The End

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