Aria: The Nexus

As Aria lay asleep upon the floor, her stamina drained, she saw in her mind a circle... a circle of what appeared to be light, but she knew... somehow... that it wasn't light.

It was magic. Raw, flowing, changing, power made tangible. Within the circle were sigils, runes, and markers to draw the energy. It was an amazing, breathtaking sight.

Then she realized where the magic circle was... it was on her body. She didn't know how, when, or why, but there it was, upon her. It hurt... but it wasn't a bad pain. It felt  more like the pain you get when you remove a splinter from you hand... pain, then relief. But it was constant and flowing. This was who she was, and who she still is. It was only natural that she could perform magic... because she WAS magic. In human form. She wasn't human at all!

When the thought struck her, she shivered, a chill running up her spine. If she wasn't human, and instead, pure magic, she could just as easily become a threat to all that lives... and she cursed the Fate's for this cruel joke. She never asked to be feared and hated. She only wanted to live a normal life, and now she realized that that was not possible.

"Oh, come now... now is that any way for my daughter to act?" A voice spoke from the darkness. Aria turned and looked... and saw a man that she knew... but somehow could not remember how she knew him. He had hair as white as her own, and eyes of steel grey. He wore black armor, and he carried a silver sword... her sword. Rapture, the Silver Blade, rested upon his hip. There was only one man who could carry that sword... the only man who held it before she did.

"Father..." she whispered softly, and ran towards him, but could see that she could not get any closer. She fell to her knees and cried tears of joy. "You're alive!"

"In a way, I am." Alexander Kahner stated, a warm smile spread across his face. "I am here to guide you, my daughter. I am sorry that I could not be there for you in person, but there have been... complications. I am no longer the man I once was, and I must communicate to you in dreams only, as the man I am now is nothing short of terrifying. If you knew me as I am now, your soul would tremble to it's very core."

Aria, confused, but still a happy to at least see her father, smiled back. "I'm just glad I could meet you... even if it is only a dream."

"Listen carefully, child." Alex's voice became stern. "I haven't much time. You are a living nexus, as the images I have shown you have proven, but the cause of that is because you were born on the exact spot where three leylines intersected... thus, being born upon the nexus, you were given life, and as such, you are the nexus... but, as a nexus, you would have destroyed everything if I had not intervened. I placed a limiter upon you so that magic would take a while to manifest within you, as well as dampen it's effects... for the protection of yourself as much as others. I want you to learn what you can from this man, Nazara, and when he has completed his duty to you, seek me out... and pray that I have become myself again."

"What are you saying?" Aria asked, dreading what he was about to say.

"That as the man who bound the nexus within you as a means to keep it from running rampant, I am the only magus alive able to undo the seal. If I do not do so, you will never be able to defeat the foes that lie in your future." Alex nodded sadly, and then turned his back to his daughter. "I am afraid my time is up now. Do not worry... we shall meet again."

Aria stood up abruptly, and ran towards her father, hoping to catch, to make him stay with her, but it was a vain effort. He vanished as he had arrived... mysteriously becoming one with the darkness around her. Aria cried out in a fit of both sorrow and rage, and she slammed her fist against the floor. Blood trickled down from her knuckles, but she hardly noticed the pain.


She woke up, upon a cold floor, and stared up at Plantagonox and Nazara. Tears filled her eyes, but she smiled. "I know now... how I can use magic."

The End

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