Plantagonox: Smoke on the Horizon...

Early the next day, Plantagonox took flight before Aria awoke.  They were running out of food, so he needed to find a herd of animals.  As he flew to the east, he noticed smoke rising on the horizon.

"I wonder what is causing that," he said, thinking out loud.  As he flew closer to the source of the smoke, he saw burning buildings and piles of corpses.  He landed in the town square of what had been Aria's village.

As he looked around at the destruction, he tried to deduce the reason such for such violence.  Suddenly, large nests were thrown at him, and his left wing was caught in one of them.  Acting on impulse, he sent a massive ball of fire flying into a nearby house, from which goblins were emerging.  Plantagonox continued fighting, but the goblins had numbers on their side.  Before he was completely restrained by the nets, he let loose a very loud roar, audible for miles around.

A man in dark armor stepped through the crowd of goblins and said, "Well, what have we here?  A curious dragon who has decided to be a hero.  Get something heavier to hold this beast with."

The man in dark robes turned away from them and said quietly," I will break him...."

The End

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