Aria: Pushing Pride Aside

Aria continued the rigorous training sessions Plantagonox put her through, and eventually her skills with the blade grew to the point that she could easily defend herself against Plantagonox's tail swipes... though she knew he was holding back mostly as to not seriously injure her.

"Eventually you're gonna have to hit me with everything you have, Antagonox." Aria said one day after their training session.

"There is no need for that... I think you're confidence has been built up enough to go and find a good sorcerer who would be willing to train you." Plantagonox answered.

Aria's face became somewhat downcast. These last few weeks had been the nicest she had had in her whole life... and he still intended to part from her? She wanted to know more about him... she wanted to see the man he truly was beneath the dragon... wanted to soar above the clouds with him, doing the impossible...

Being cared for...

-Elsewhere... At Aria's home village...-

"Halt, stranger... who are you and what is your business?" The newly appointed guard asked a man dressed in white and black.

"There is something familiar about this place... I do not know what it is... regardless... I wish to know if a young woman named Aria Kahner lives within this village." The man spoke calmly, but a hint of ice dripped from each word like a falling icicle.

"That witch was chased out of the village long ago. We set up the guards to ensure that she never returned." The guard smirked proudly, as if the thought of preventing someone from returning to their place of birth was a reassuring thought.

He didn't get a chance to enjoy much of his pride, however. "She is much more than a mere witch... I bet you didn't know that your village sits on a spiritual leyline... or rather, it sits within multiple leylines... or at least, it used to... about fifteen years ago."

"What are you talking about?" The man asked the strange masked man.

"A nexus is the result of multiple leylines coming together in a single place. Leylines are the fabric that binds magic together, and as such, are constantly changing and flowing... but what would happen... if a nexus was born not as a place... but as a child?" The masked man immediately tore the man apart with his crimson claymore, and ordered the goblins hiding in the bushes: "I want this village burned to cinders and ashes. Anyone who gets in your way you can deal with as an obstacle... and you may destroy them. I will check up on the child's home... perhaps I will find something there that will give me a clue as to where she went at the very least..."

The End

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