Plantagonox: Training an assistant

"Aria, if you are going to assist me in my mission, you must be able to defend your self.  Once you are well enough, we will begin training."

Aria responded indignantly, "I think I can defend my self well enough, I was just caught off guard.  I didn't expect so many goblins, but I will next time."

"Well, at any rate, practice makes perfect, so we will train.  If nothing else, I can attempt to help you gain greater aptitude for magic.  It isn't my strong suit, but every little bet helps."

*Several days later, once Aria has recovered.*

Plantagonox an Aria made their way back to the plains.  Once away from human eyes, Agonox changed back to dragon form.  Aria climbed on to his back, and they flew to a secluded location to begin Aria's training.

"First, I would like to see you use your sword skills.  Since I do not posses a sword, I will use my tail," said Plantagonox as laid down on the ground, lazily spreading the segments of his tail.  Aira drew her sword, Rapture, and prepared for combat.

"First, we will begin with defending yourself."  Plantagonox swung his tail from the left.  Aria attempted to block it outright, stopping the movement.  Dragons, being considerably large than humans, are also considerably stronger.  Aria was knocked to the ground, and dropped her sword.  She quickly got back to her feet and retrieved her sword.  Aria attempted to stop Plantagonox's tail several more times, before he offered her advice.

"Not every attack must be blocked.  Deflection works just as well, and if done correctly, can cause your enemies to injure each other.  You also could merely move back or to the side."  Aria was soon fairing far better against his attacks.

"That is enough for today.  We will practice more tomorrow."

The End

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