Aria: Salt in the Wounds

The old man looked carefully at Aria's wound, then turned to Plantagonox. "It's a good thing you brought her here. The weapon used to inflict the wound was coated in poison... and an incredibly strong kind as well. I will ask about specifics later, however... first things first."

He pulled out a sharp knife and a flat piece of wood. He held the wooden implement just above Aria's face. "This will hurt quite a bit... so bite into this while I work. It will keep you from screaming and allow me to concentrate, as well as giving you some relief from the pain."

Aria, having never had to go through something like this before in her life, decided not to argue the point and complied. Soon after she had the wooden bit in her mouth, the old man took his knife and opened the wound further slowly and gently... but also excrutiatingly painful. Aria slammed her teeth onto the object in her mouth, her face distorted in pain. She began to sweat and her eyes welled up in tears of pain, but she kept her silence, and only continued to bite the wooden block.

What felt like an eternity of slow dissection (which was really only a minute or so), he opened a drawer in a nearby desk. Inside were all manner of herbs and potions, and it became apparent that this man was studied in certain magic arts. He pulled out a fine, white powder that looked suspiciously like salt, a flask of wine, and a needle with thread. Aria's eyes widened... she knew what was coming.

The man began by sprinkling the salt-like powder into her open, bleeding wound. This hurt a lot more than the dissection, and Aria had to use every ounce of her willpower to keep her from violently jerking around. When this was done, he poured the wine into the wound, and while it did sting, it also soothed the already existing pain of the powder. Having the nerves in her wound subsequently numbed, she relaxed, and her breathe began to return to normal.

The old man then threaded the needle and began to sow up the wound, but Aria, having experienced pain akin to having multiple white hot needles shoved into her at once, hardly noticed, and after having been properly bandaged up, was escorted to a cot and forced to rest. The old man then turned back to Plantagonox.

"Now, tell me what happened. There is something about this whole affair that isn't normal."

The End

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