Plantagonox: Getting Help

"I think we should find you a doctor first," said Plantagonox.  Picking Aria up, he walked the short distance to town.  He had not been in this town before, and he had no idea where to find a doctor.

"You there, halt.  What is your business here?" asked a patrolling guard.

Plantagonox, thinking fast, replied, "Please, where is a doctor?  My wife and I were attacked by goblins a few miles outside of town.  I managed to drive them off, but they hurt her."

"We have no doctor here, although the old man in that house might be able to help you," said the guard, pointing to a nearby residence.

"Thank you, sir, thank you."

Aria weakly said, "Oh, so now I am your wife?  When did this happen?"

Plantagonox smiled and said, "Does it bother you to be married to a dragon?  I am sure I could have come up with something else..."

Plantagonox knocked on the door, and was ushered inside.  The old man cleared off his table, and Plantagonox placed Aria on it.

The End

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