Aria: Bleeding Again

Aria, grabbing her stomach in pain, noticed that her clothing and her hands were beginning to turn red. She shook her head in disbelief.

Aria, you are a stupid, stupid girl! You do not run into a crowd of goblins in order to impress a dragon! What were you thinking?! Aria yelled at herself in her head.

She should have listened to Plantagonox. She should have stayed back and let him do the work, but no, she had to let her pride get in the way of reason. She wondered if her father was as bull headed as she was, because she knew her mother was very passive.

She looked at the now human Plantagonox, and muttered weakly. "Sorry... I guess I am nothing but a burden..." As she said this, tears welled up in her eyes.

"Don't blame yourself... you'll be alright." He answered reassuringly.

Aria, however, still believed that he was not happy for what she did. She looked away, and sighed. "So, what should we do?"

The End

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