Plantagonox: More Goblins?

"Goblins, you say?  Those disgusting creatures are a plague on this world.  Stand on the hill, I will burn them to a crisp when they charge at you."

Aria did as she was told, standing at the crest of the hill.  The goblins closed to within a fifty feet, when Plantagonox leaped over Aria and sent an arc of blazing red towards them.  Many of the group were killed, but they knew they couldn't out run the dragon.  They stood and fought.

"Stay behind me Aria, you should be safe there."

Aria, wanting to prove her worth, rushed into the fray.  She did manage to kill several goblins, but she was beginning to get tired from fighting.  Two of the goblins attacked simultaneously, and one of them managed to cut her abdomen.  She yelled out in pain, drawing Plantagonox's attention.

He lashed out with his tail, impaling both of them in the chest.  He swung his tail to the left, throwing the corpses into a couple more goblins.  He stood over her, protecting her with his body.  Drawing forth another shot of dragon fire, he sent a line of even hotter blue flames into the remaining goblins.

Stepping to the side, he asked, "Can you stand?  If you can, then I can get us to the town quickly.  I have not the necessary salves or the ability to help with that wound."

Weakly, she got to her feet.  Plantagonox bowed on his right front foot, and she climbed atop his neck.

"Hold on back there," he said, as he leaped into the air.  Soon, they were soaring at high speed over the plains.  As they neared the town, he landed and changed back into human form.  He couldn't just land in the town square and demand medical care for her.

The End

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