Aria: Cleaning the Wounds

Aria, still somewhat surprised by Plantagonox's transformation into a human, was even more awestruck when she saw him turn back. "That... is amazing."

Plantagonox smiled. "Well, being able to go back and forth between forms has its advantages."

Aria nodded. "Still, I think your human form suits you better... makes you easier to interact with."

"I am just more comfortable as a dragon than as a human now. That's all."

She smiled. "Well, I need to clean my wounds and bandage them. I'll just head down stream a ways and take care of that. I trust you not to peek."

Before Plantagonox had a chance to respond, Aria grabbed her spare clothing and her father's sword and  walked away until she was just out of sight. She then undressed herself and began to wash her bloody sores, wincing from the pain now made fresh once more. After a little bit of washing, she tore pieces of her clothing off and bound her wounds as firmly as she could with the frayed rags that were once part of her tattered dress. Once all the wounds were bound, she put on her spare clothes and grabbed her father's sword.

Suddenly, she heard a rustling sound from the bushes nearby, and out came a lone goblin, carrying a crude little dagger as its weapon. It jumped up into the air and tried to stab Aria...

To its surprise, she had drawn her father's silver blade and had cut its hand off. It yelped in pain, and tried to run, but Aria summoned some magical energy into the palm of her hand and let it loose, burning the goblin to a crisp. Aria, seeing what she had done, stared wide eyed. "Did I just do that?"

Aria heard more goblins coming out of the bushes nearby, and knew full well she couldn't handle them all, so she ran up the hill where Plantagonox waited. "Plantagonox! Goblin attack!"

The End

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