Plantagonox: Not Just a Dragon

Plantagonox was not one to refuse food.  However, being as large as he was, it would be difficult for him to eat her food.

Taking a great risk, Plantagonox willed himself to change into a human.  He had only done this a few times before, and it was not easy then either.  He shrank from the size of a dragon to only six feet tall in the space of a few seconds.  Aria stared in awe of the transformation she had just seen.

"I don't usually show my self in this form.  It is very dangerous for me, as I lose all of my Draconic powers."

He sat down beside her, and had some of the grapes.  He seemed very content to be eating them.  He washed down the grapes with a drink of milk.

"It has been so long since I have had normal food, I almost forgot how good it was.  Normally, I eat whatever happens to be around.  I prefer deer and cattle to goblins and orcs, but I have had just about anything imaginable."

"Orcs?  Goblins?  That can't be healthy," said Aria with a look of disgust on her face.

Laughing, Plantagonox responded, "Oh, it wouldn't be, for a human.  Dragons can eat anything though.  Why, I once ate a dark-hearted knight, plate armor, sword, and all."

Standing again, Plantagonox said, "I am sorry, but I must change back into a dragon.  It doesn't feel normal anymore, being in my human form."


The End

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