Plantagonox: Sleeping peacefully until...

After saving the girl, she started walking back towards town.  Plantagonox would have offered to carry her back, but she seemed to proud, and he wouldn't be met with much cheer, being a dragon.  He walked several miles, and had another meal in the form of a wandering cow.

Plantagonox walked about the plains for another hour.  Soon, he located a stream cutting across the area.  He took a drink, and then began searching for a place to sleep.  He didn't think that the weather would turn bad, and elected to sleep outside.

Laying on top of a hill, he soon grew tired.  There is something about that girl.  She seems...different somehow. he thought.  Before long, he was asleep.

A few hours later, he heard a rustling in the grass.  He acted as though he was still asleep, and the noise grew closer.  With his acute hearing, he pinpointed the location, and pounced.

He knocked down the person sneaking up on him, with part of their upper body laying between two of his claws.  It appeared to be the girl he saved earlier.

Growling, he said, "You are lucky I didn't kill you.  It is foolish to try and sneak up on a dragon."  He raised his foot off of her, and she got back to her feet.  He could tell she had been hurt worse than when she left.

"What happened to you?  You look worse than when we last met."

She began sobbing, and explained what had occurred when she returned to town.

Finishing her story, she concluded with, "I can't go back to the village.  They will kill me if they ever see me again.  I'm not experienced with magic, but they still hate me for it.  I have no where to go.  Please, take me with you."

Plantagonox, without thinking, responded, "I can not take you with me.  It is too dangerous.  I wasn't always a dragon.  I was once a knight.  Evil doers continued to hound me at every turn.  Finally, as I was near defeat, a dragon swooped in and saved my life.  In return, I joined their order.  That was five years ago, and I have been fighting evil ever since.  Believe me when I say, it is just too dangerous."

"Then what should I do?  I can not go back, and I don't know where to go."

Blasted humans, using guilt to gain my help...

Plantagonox finally said, "I can take you to another town, where they don't spurn magic users.  You will be safe there."

The End

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