Aria: Saved And Exiled

Aria held her head, her world spinning from the sudden fall and rescue by... another dragon? It seemed hard to believe, but it happened, and she was just glad to be alive.

Staring at the dragon with silver eyes that shined almost like pearls, she answered. "My name is Aria Kahner. Nice to meet you, Plantagonox." She stood up slowly, and stretched her aching body, the dragon looking at her with mild interest.

"How did you get yourself into such an awful situation?" The dragon finally asked.

Aria smiled good naturedly. "Dragons have been terrorizing the country for some time now, and the village where I come from send a maiden once a month to the fields where the dragons frequent, hoping that it would appease their wrath. I didn't want to be sacrificed, so they took me out here and tied me to a post to make sure I didn't run away."

"Why are you smiling, then?" Plantagonox cocked his head in curiosity.

"Because I'm happy to be alive. Thanks again for saving me, Plantagonox. I must be heading home." Aria turned and walked all the way home.


When she returned to the village, she was greeted by a crowd of obviously displeased people. "What are YOU doing back here?" One of them demanded.

"The dragon was killed by another dragon, and the other dragon let me go." Aria answered.

"LIES!" One of the crowd shouted. "The witch intends to subvert us with her lies, and intends to enslave us! She killed the dragon herself, hoping to return home a saviour! Well, I, for one, will not bow to this dragon witch!"

"Yeah!" "That's right!" "Be gone, you vile monster!" The crowd began to shout angrily. Aria stood there, taking the full force of their words, and her normally cheery expression changed into a sad one.

"Why... why do you hate me so much? I can use magic... is that really the only reason you-" Her words were cut off when she was struck in the head by a flying object. She fell to the ground, and put her hand to her forehead.

She was bleeding. Somebody threw a rock at her. Aria's eyes welled up in tears. Why were they doing this? What had she done to deserve this?

The rest of the crowd soon began to pelt her with rocks, and by the time they were finished, her body ached and she coughed in pain. Then one of the villagers walked up to her and threw a bag down in front of her. "We gathered everything you own in this village. Leave now. We do not want to see your dirty face here again." He dropped a sword down on top if the bag, the sword that had belonged to her father, and walked away, the rest of the crowd following... leaving Aria sitting there, bleeding and broken hearted.

Aria stood up slowly, and she said back to the retreating crowd, a look of anger flaring in her silver eyes. "Fine. Call me a witch, throw rocks at me, chase me out of my own home. But you will never break me." Aria grabbed her belongings and her father's sword, and walked out of the village, her body aching from the blows of the rocks.

Aria's eyes shined in defiance. If they hate her for being able to use magic, then she will find others who would accept her, and encourage her to master her gift... surely there were others who would help her... like the dragon who saved her life.

The End

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