Plantagonox: The Rescue

Plantagonox flew gracefully over the plains.  Looking ahead, he noticed another dragon flying below him.  Tilting his head, he examined it closely.  It was larger than himself, and appeared to be a black dragon.  Black dragons were evil, and he could not tolerate them.

He flew higher into the air, penetrating the clouds.  As he flew through a gap, he looked down and saw that he was slightly behind the other dragon.  He rolled over and dived toward his target.  Bringing forth his dragonic power, he shot a ball of fire into the left wing of the other dragon.  Moments later he smashed into the other wing, his claws tearing at the flesh.

He heard a scream, and turned to notice a young woman falling from the dragon's claws.  Banking sharply, he caught her in his own claw, before flying to a nearby hill.

Without even landing he dropped her from a height of only a few feet.  It was part of his duties to kill evil dragons, so she would have to wait.

The other dragon, while unable to fly, managed to break his fall and not simply crash into the ground.  The two dragons charged at each other, Plantagonox in the air and his opponent on the ground.  As they neared, the other dragon jumped into the air.  The dragons smashed into each other, and the larger black dragon ended up on top.  With his claws on Plantagonox's chest, he prepared to deliver a killing blow to the throat. 

Plantagonox tried to claw the larger dragon off, but he could barely reach his opponent's chest.  With just moments left to live, he brought his tail up to stab the other dragon.  With a lucky strike, he hit the dragon's evil heart.

As the dying dragon reared back in pain, Plantagonox rolled from beneath its weight.  He shot another fire ball into the innards of the black dragon, finishing the vile beast.

Strolling to the hill where he had dropped the girl, he found her holding her head.

"I am sorry for the fall, but I couldn't see you in his claw.  I am Plantagonox, and you are...?"

The End

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