The Knights Draconic

Fearless knights become dragons through an ancient ritual. Without hesitation they step up to protect the realm from all manner of evil deeds.

Plantagonox awoke from his slumber.  The sun was shining in through entrance of the cave where he had taken shelter for the night.  He walked from the cave into the cool morning air.

Bending down on his front legs, he stretched to his full forty-five foot length and spread his wings.  He flexed his muscles and flapped his wings slowly several times.  Having loosened up from resting, he began walking east.

After walking about a mile, he saw several deer grazing nearby.  He spread his wings again, and with a giant leap, took flight.  Soaring over the deer, he spotted one that looked appetizing, and swooped down to eat it.  His jaws closed on the deer's body, and he flew a short distance away before landing.

Plantagonox threw his head back, tossing his kill into the air.  Catching the carcass in a better position to eat it, he chewed several times before swallowing it.  Taking flight again, he gained altitude and glided lazily for several miles.

Below him, a few miles to the north, he spotted what appeared to be a band of goblins running in the same direction he was flying.  He changed direction to intercept them.

Once he neared them, he formulated a plan.  Flying in a neat circle, he lit the area around them on fire.  Landing in the circle, he began attacking them.  Swinging his head to the right, he impaled several with the small horns on the side of his skull.  Several were thrown into the fire.

Several arrows flew at him, but bounced off of his thick hide.  He swung his claws at a nearby goblin, and shredded his stomach.  With his wide field of view, he noticed one goblin attempting to get on his back.  The end of his tail could be divided into three sharp blades, and he raised his tail slightly, decapitating his foe.  A blast of fire and a few more swinging claws finished off the band of goblins.

Plantagonox continued on his path east.

The End

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