Abbie: Back to the Hotel

I lie on my bed, on top of the covers. Apparently something went on at the hotel when me and Flames were in the shop of enchantments. The reception lady was looking really dazed when we asked her if we could have our old rooms back. I wander what happened... I drift into sleep without realizing...




The scream doesn't get far before I slam my hand over my mouth to stop it. It was the Mazer killing Kanoa this time. Of coarse, he didn't really kill her, but it looked like that when it was happening. I shudder. The clock says it's half six in the evening. I'm beginning to feel hungry so I look around my room for a mini fridge or something. There isn't one but I do notice a door exactly between the door and the window that I haven't seen before. It must lead into the room next to me. I mentally work out that if the room on my left belongs to a man called Bert, then this door (which is on the right side of my room) must lead to Flames' room. Well, I bet she's hungry too so I might as well have dinner with her. I knock on the door, and am surprised to find that someone (who must be Flames) knocks too.

"Who is it?" Flames asks cautiously. I guess she isn't sure if it's me.

"It's Abbie" I say. Then I open the door from my side. "Hi Flames, you wanna go and have dinner?"

"Yeah, sure. Have you seen Keela around?"


"Oh" we go to the dinner hall and have pizza and coke.

The End

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