James: Its really nothing.

Overall no one really got defeated or destroyed. The guy was probably too injured to kill me and I was out of energy. But I do have to thank Winter and Keela showing up anyways cause the maniac could have still stabbed me.  The medic where fussing over my broken ribs.

"would you stop the only thing that really hurts is the cut across my chest." I said

" Oh sorry but you shouldn't be standing one of your bones has crushed your right lung." The medic replied angrily.

No I should be on the ground passed out if that was the case. about an hour later they fixed both the broken ribs and my cut.

" Thanks." I told them

Outside the hospital Winter was there.

" Sorry I took off like that." I said , " Who was that guy. did he used to be a guardian or somthing? Not many people can fight like that."

The End

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