Abbie: Wondering

I'm completely absorbed in the fact that somebody else has the other crystal. So absorbed, in fact, that I don't realize when we get to the hotel. I'd let Flames buy a mood necklace. Like the ring Mr Makins got me as a joke. That cost half of what she had in her pocket. As we walk into the reception area, the lady there tells us we've still got the same rooms. She's the only person today who hasn't looked at us as if we're the living dead. We dump our stuff in our rooms

"I'm hungry, can we go and have lunch?" Flames asks

"Hmm..."I answer absently

"Abbie, what are you thinking about?"

"Oh, er, nothing. Nothing. Lets go and have lunch" I say. There's three people I can think of that it could be. 1) Flames    2)Keela     3) Winter. It could be either one of them. But who? It's so frustrating.

The End

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