James: Teamwork to predictable for this guy.

When Corby tried to help I only got him hurt.  I shouldn't have put him in harms way.  I would have to apologize majorly after this battle. I turned facing the deflector guy.

He was breathing hard and his wounds where bleeding heavely. In his current condition he would soon collapse because of the amount of blood he lost.

"Your heavily injured guy. How long do you plan to fend me off before your not able to move anymore?" I asked. 

" I plan to fight to one of us die. No my friend this fight hasn't even begun." He said with that grin agian.

" Bring it." I replied jumping out of the way of his blade agian. That blade looked awfully similar. But where.

" Don't get distracted!" He yelled, and sliced up at me.

He missed me by only centimeter. I landed behind him and shot an explosion at his back. That he wasn't able to deflect due to the massive amount of power that was stored in the punch. He went flying with a small hole in his body. I think I won, He slammed into a tree that toppled over from his momentum. He was still breathing, shallowly though. I saw Keela by Corby.

" You ...." She didn't complete here sentence.

" No time to explain get medics for him." I almost ordered her. 

I think now was a good time to see this guys Idenity. But I wasn't able to walk forwards.

" I'm still here fool." He breathed

" Keela change medic to Winter."

She nodded and teleported bringing Corby with her. 

" Now you foolish apprentice of a guardian. You'll learn not to underestimate your opponente." He said wincing in pain. covering the hole with his hand.

What was he? No normal person could normally stand after two injuries like that. Suddenly I wasn't able to move.  That left me with the surrounding explosion attack. But that might not work and I will be good as dead. Damm Hopefully Keela and Winter get here soon. He continued to walk casually towards me with his blade. 

" So your probaly wondering why you can't move? Well I'm defelcting your signals sent to you limbs telling them to move." He cooly explianed.

" Now time to punish your foolisness.Punishment level one!" He yelled prominently. Slowly slashing his blade across my torso. A massive cut opened blood spattering on the ground.

" You should fight me when I'm able to defend myself you coward!" I yelled at him .unafraid by how lost this battle was to me. I made the surrounding explosion attack.

I momentarily gained movement allowing me to hide myself behind a large tree. I was out of energy .the most I could do now was punch the guy with minor explosion that would be innefective.

I slumped on the tree.  Waiting for the bugger to boast about his victory. he didn't come.

The End

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