Corby: Ow, this is painful

"You won't be defeated, YOU'LL BE DESTROYED!" James seemed determined on killing this guy, personally I was just there, watching, with wide eyes.  The guys mask seemed to be falling off, and he had a big cut on his shoulder. Still, he deflected most of the stuff me and James did. How the hell did this guy die?!? Did he get hit with a mirror or something?!?

"Corby, pass a rope!" I shot at his hand, I didn't really know how to "pass". He ripped it off, and ran around the guy. Unfortunately he deflected it and shot the rope backwards, carrying me and James with it. Luckily we were caught by a tree.

"Ow, any other bright ideas?" Unfortunately he did, he grabbed the rope again, we both ran at him AGAIN, but this time he blew up the part the hit the guy. That somehow worked, and he went down with bloody knees.


"Corby, stop jumping up and down, he's not out yet." Before I could stop I noticed myself being thrown towards another tree. I am in pain. I decided not to stand up because Getting hurt isn't exactly working for me. And that's when the teleporting girl came around.

"There we go.... James! What are you doing!?"

"Yeah I don't think that's gonna help"

"Who are you?"

"Name's Corby, I'm the poor guy who got dragged along to help him."

The End

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