James: Will not be defeated.

I heard Corby yell. Hopefully this explosion punch I'm packing the guy won't hurt him But it was a good opening for an attack.  I dropped out of the sky with huge amount of speed slamming my fist into the guy shoulder. He didn't explode but he certianly took damage as he went flying 100 feet backwards with a bleeding shoulder. 

" Corby I want ya to get a rope around his neck." I commanded

He did as he was told but the guy deflected the rope. Damm my main part of my plan failed should of though of that.  Oh well I just have to beat him senceless.  I explode jumped as he stood up aiming for his head. He ducked but for got I had feet and I kicked the bugger on the head exploding him backwards.

" You seem to fight better with broken ribs and little bit of anger." He said

" No alot of anger." I corrected him. As I ducked under his blade. He went to kick me down but I caught his fist and attempet to explode jump agian to get him in the air. Luckily for him he let go before I got him in the air. Oh well I shot a barrage of explosion on him. I landed Hard on the ground. As the smoke cleared I saw that I cracked his mask, and he was bleeding heavily from the shoulder wound.

" Well you seem to have more talent then I originally thought. But I won't be defeated." He said swinging his blade. At my face.

I leaned back just in time to see the blade slice through the air. I countered with an explosion to his stomach which he barely deflected in time sending us both backwards. I rolled back onto my feet with my mommentum still forcing me backwards.

" You know I was going to say I won't be defeated either. But you stole my line. So allow me to rephrase myself , and you. You won't be defeated, You'll be DESTROYED!" I yelled.

the mouth piece of his masked fell off. Under it was a grin of anticipation.

The End

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