Corby: Forest run

"Dude wait up!" Jeez, what is up with this guy? Is the fact I can make rope really that important?

"Just keep up!" He said this while jumping from another explosion. Woah. So we were heading to the forest as fast as we could. Something tells me the masked dude was important.

By the time we got to the forest, we still didn't see the masked guy. I sat down to rest but James told me to keep moving. So I did. Though we didn't get much farther because a girl appeared out of no where.

"Damn, not here either. Guess I'll try again." And then she disappearred. I looked at James.

"Friend of yours?"

"Yeah, but I'm glad she didn't see us, I'm not suppose to be looking for that guy."

"Then why are you?" He didn't answer, he just kept moving. I tried to keep up but he was moving faster. I was beginning to lose him so I caught directly onto a tree 100 feet away, and pulled. I ended up passing James a bit, but I didn't think too much of it. 

I was wrong, the guy he was looking for was right in front of me.


The End

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