James: Who?

After I hugged her I asked " Who was it?" 

She only nodded and said  " Later." still crying.

" Aight. Well I'm going to get some bandages for these broken ribs of mine." I said  

" Keela see if you can track him." Winter commanded. Keela then teleported off.

Winter , and I both left the building together.

"Where should I meet you?" I asked

" Back at the cathedral." She said.  Judging by the look on her face something was bothering her.

If I was more prepared for that guy I would have been more help.  I hated being uselsess. If I see him agian I'll make sure he's injured to the point of permanent hospitalization.  Yeah I was angry I was made a fool of , and amongst other things that I saw that I wasn't happy with.  I made my way to the makeshift aid unit and grabbed that retention band stuff that helps keep cracked ribs from moving.  I looked to the right and there was Corby agian.

" Hey did you see that?" I yelled to him.

" Yeah you got your but kicked." He remarked.

" Yeah I did. You see where he went?" I asked

" Yeah." He pointed up at the roofs going towards the forest.

Once agian my mind tried to connect it all up.

Great now i'm going to be wondering whats up with Mazer , and Winter , and Flames.

" Corby you powers is ropes you can make knooses right?"  I asked

" Yeah."

I might get in trouble for this but the guy couldn't be to far.

" Corby your with me. Try to keep up." I said blowing a huge crater into the ground from my explode jump. This time I was ready for the creep.

The End

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