Abbie: The Shop of Enchantments

Mr Makins did get us out of hospital, thank God. It's a good thing too. I hated it in there.

"So, what d'you wanna do?" I ask Flames. I still call her Flames, coz I'm used to it. She says she doesn't mind which name I call her though.

"Dunno. Oh, yes I do! Can we go in that shop?" she says, pointing to the shop of enchantments.

"I dunno... It's really expensive..."I say, but I want to go in just as much as she does.

"Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease" She begs "Just to look"

"OK. Just to look. If you break anything you have to pay for it" I don't finish the last sentence because Flames is already dragging me in. It's dark, and there's a sweet smelling mist in the air. "Wow" I whisper. "Go and look around, I need to see something" 

"Hmm" Flames is already absorbed in the different potions and crystals. I go to the desk.

"Ummm... I have this crystal" I say in a hushed voice "But I don't know what it does" 

"Hmm" the woman at the desk points to a dark purple curtain. I look at her and she nods to say I should go through it. I go through and enter a room that's in pitch black darkness. I hesitate.

"Come child" a soothing voice says. I walk forwards and come to a table. It's illuminated by a soft purple light. There's a woman dressed in a lilac robe. Her black hair hangs dead straight to her shoulders. Her eyes are luminous green. "sit down child" she says. I sit down on the one available chair. "You have a crystal"

"Uhhh... yes. But I don't know what it's for" I say nervously

"Ahh there is no need to be nervous" the woman says, looking into my eyes. She must be Pandora the Wise Woman. She's the only other person who could possibly know the code for my eyes except the Creator Mr Makins and me. "Do you have this crystal?"

"Yes. I always keep it in my-" the crystal is suddenly in Pandora's hand.

"Your pocket?"

"-so it doesn't get lost" I mumble. Pandora smiles.

"Yes, I know. You need to know what it's purpose is?" she asks


"It is a very valuable crystal. It is a protection crystal. There is only one other of its kind. It can only be used in desperate times of need. It is why you did not die in the Mazer. You cannot control the way it is used"

"Oh! It's a life saver!" I exclaim.

"Yes. But it is most extraordinary..." she muses


"Because you know the person who has the other"

The End

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