I curse and turn to run toward the hotel. I create a sphere around me and make it float up. Okay, my force field powers are amazing.

I jump out of the sphere and into the room. Where a man is waiting patiently with a blade.

"Ahh, the real Guardian" The guy says smiling from behind a mask. I charge up my hands and he smiles.

"You should have made me your apprentice" then the blade flies at me I dodge it and do a turn kick. He deflects it and I try a punch which he garbs. He forces me up against the wall. I send charges through him and he screams.

I vault over his head and kick out backwards connecting with his head.

The man rolls and flips on to his feet. I raise an eyebrow that really is impressive.

He smiles. "This is going to be fun" he says stepping forward.

"What do you want?" I hiss as we start to circle.

"Not much actually, I just wanted to meet you and fight you" he says smiling.

"Well you got me" Then it turns into a proper fight. I get hit in the stomach and he gets quite a few to the head. It's only then I realise no one come in why? I begin to look around.

"No ones coming cause I'm deflecting them all" He says slightly out of breath and I must admit I am a bit to.

"Why did you want to fight me?" I ask.

"Cause your the best and I love a girl who can really fight" Just then he grabs hold and me and forces his lips on mine. Then he's gone. I stand shocked as James and Keela run in.

"Where'd he go?" James asks but I still feel shocked. "Winter"

He walks over to me and I begin to cry. He pulls me into a hug. I know him.... oh, god I know him.

The End

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