James: What the hell is happening to the hotel.

Winter Said  " No not now James. Continue training, we'll have lunch later."

" Okay." I said.

Keela then continued to say " Is it Just me or are you giving me a lesson on breathing." We all laughed

As we continued on Winter got some sort of message saying the hotel was under attack. Keela transported us to the hotel. People where running in fear. What was going on?  There where blood curteling screams eminating from the hotel. I Explode jumped into the window of the scream.

" So we've finally got the Attention of the Creators personal minions." The masked person sneered with a blade in hand.

" Like hell you did!" I said sending a small explosion behind him.

He deflected the exlplosive ball into the floor. Cuasing me to collapse to the next floor. What an intriging power. His blade came down on me like an excution blade. I blew the blade to pieces. 

" Oh thats not playing fair." He said sendimg flying out of the second floor.

I hit the building across the street, and fell to the ground with several broken bones. I got up pretty weak. Crap I should have figured out what his power is.

"James are you Ok?" I heard Winter ask out of my line of sight.

" I cracked a few ribs but I should be fine. The guy in there isn't your garden variety criminal though." I replied

The End

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