Keela : Breathe

Miss Winter tells me that she's going to teach me some Martial Art skills.

"Bring it on!" I grin at her, jumping into a fighting position.

"Not so fast," she chuckles. I raise my eyebrows. "First, you need to learn how to relax. Relaxation is a very important element of learning Kung Fu."

"We're learning Kung Fu? Awesome!" I exclaim excitedly.

"Shhh, relax. Breathe in," I take a deep breath slowly. "Breathe  out." I let it go. "When you breathe out, push out all your thoughts. Breathe in calmness." I breathe in again, closing my eyes this time, then I breathe out, feeling my body untense.

"Good, keep going." Before I know it, it's lunch, and I had been so concentrated in breathing that time just flew past. I walk up to Miss Winter.

"Is it just me, or did I really have a lesson on breathing?"

The End

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