Corby: That was disappointing, ah well. I want people now!

"So what exactly is this place?"

"This is the Kingdom. It is the afterlife."

"So it IS Heaven?"

"No. It is where a choice few go when they have died, and then acquire a certain power that relates to they're death." This is going no where, I'm getting even more questions.

"Why? And how do you choose who?"

"All questions you have will be answered soon, if you can find them."

I sighed, I spent all this time asking questions and I know no more than what I already knew. Why on Earth was I brought here? This is just weird. I just decided to roll with it for now, I'll get answers later. For now, I have another priority.

I'm lonely I wanna meet people! I left the Cathedral and zipped up the road as fast as I could looking for the nearest person. It took a fairly long time but I actually managed to find a huge group of people going into a hotel.

"Hey! Now this is more like it!" And I took off running in that direction.

The End

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