James: Distraction

We went back out for training. As Winter was teaching Keela martail arts. I began to sink into my head. That incident with the prisoners, The mazer finding out that Winter , and Flames are related. Was it connected?  The mazer Is supposedly just evil, doese that mean he can travel between the real world and the Kingdom.  I was brought back to reality by a nice kick to the head. I stumbled to the ground.

" Sorry wasn't paying attention." I said.  

"Your being a great example James." She said sarcastically.

" Okay next time i'll catch it."   I said getting off my knees.

She wint to kick my head. I blocked with my arm. I then countered with a Kick to the side of the hip. She caught my leg and flipped me onto my face.  

" What's with you James?"

" I've got things on my mind. Not that they can be answered right now." I siad getting up. 

I guess I was sorta trying to find an excuse to something other then training.

" Hey anyone hungry its almost lunch?" I asked.   

The End

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