Corby: Signing in

That was awesome! I just flew in the air on a rope holding on to a girl! Sweet!

That was going through my head my entire walk with James. Maybe next time I should ask the flying girl's name, in case I plan on doing that again.

" Sorry Corby I've got lots of stuff to do. But Just say your name , and reason which is new comer into the speaker. And you should be taken from there."

"All right see you later man." Good thing I had someone to go with, knowing me I probably would've gotten lost. I walked into the cathedral and pushed the speaker button. Then I heard a light buzzing noise, and then a woman voice came through.

"Please state your name and purpose."

"Uh.. my name is Corby, newcomer." And just like that the doors open, and I walk in and sign my name. All right, now I'm getting somewhere. I walked outside and then I realized, this accomplished absolutely nothing. I push the button again.

"Please state your name and purpose."

"Hi, Corby again. Um, I have a few questions, are you the person to ask?"

"Indeed child. Please, have a seat." I took a seat on a bench in the Cathedral. Now it's time to get some answers.

The End

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