James: Go,stay. hey look a newbie

" That is practice." i said jokingly to winter.

Reminder to self. This is practice don't make it anything else.

A medical student informed Winter that Flames is awake. Both Winter , and Keela took off.  Should I stay or should Igo? I was about to go when in the corner of my eye I see A girl with a boy hanging of her land and told him to go to the cathedral. He looked confused. Well I sorta had to help the guy.

" Oi rope boy! Whats your name?" I shouted 

He waled up " Corby. Yours?" Corby said

" Jame. You new around here?" I asked

" Yep."

"Aight I'll take ya up to the cathedral." I said

A little afterwards we stood outside of the cathedral.

" Sorry Corby I've got lots of stuff to do. But Just say your name , and reason which is new comer into the speaker.And you should be taken from there." I said.

I then turned around and headed to the hospital. I Mind as well say hello to Flames.

The End

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