Abbie: Hospital

Of all the people to turn up. Of all of them. Flames. Flames. Or should I call her Fantina now? I'm still trying desperately to wake Keela up. The silhouette is now fighting with Flames and Winter. It tells them something about being twins. Twins? Then it disappears in a flash of fire and electric. Flames falls to the ground just as Keela wakes up. She sees.

"FLAMES!!" we yell, running to her. My clothes are soaked and drip everywhere. We get escorted out before we can do anything...


"NO!" I yell, sitting up. 

"Calm down honey, just a bad dream" the nurse says and wiped my forehead with a damp cloth. It's not the first time I've had this dream. I have it every time I fall asleep. I hate it.

"Yeah, yeah. Just, just a dream" I reassure myself. "Where's Flames and Keela? Are they OK?"

"Yes honey. Keela's gone off to do some training. Flames is in the room next to this one. You can go and visit her when she wakes up again if you want. She wakes up screaming too..."

"Oh my God! Is she OK?"

"Yes, she's fine." the nurse tells me. She pours me a glass of water and I sit, nursing it. She leaves. After about ten minutes, she pops her head in "You have a visitor" she says. She goes back out and Mr Makins walks in.

"Abbie, I've been so worried about you" he says, and hugs me. "Listen, I've heard that you've been having a dream..."

"It's, it's what happened..." I tell him everything that happened. He listens quietly. Then, he gets up.

"Well, this place is doing you no good" he says "I'll go and see if they'll let you out soon" I nod. He walks out. After about five minutes, listening to the clock ticking, a scream comes from the next room. 

The End

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