I lowered the boy to the ground. "Thanks." he said.

"What in the Kingdom were you doing? I could have whipped you around and flung you to the other side of the Kingdom!" I yelled. Then I looked at him, and smiled. "Are you new? Oh, you must be! Only someone very new would dream of doing something like that! Anyway, go to the catheradel. The creator will tell you all about the Kingdom."

"Well, thanks. Where's the catheradel?" he asked. I sighed. I flew up in the air. He followed me. I pointed into the catheradel.

"In there." I sighed. "And then I'll probably show you to Mr. Makins, so you can get a job. I'll be back soon." I flew into the air, without waiting for a reply. I looked out over main street.

"Eesh, I'm glad I'm not stuck on the ground." I muttered.

The End

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