Corby: Hitchhiking

"Whee!" I scream repeatedly as I go from building to building. "Whee!" I've never had so much fun in my life! Still, I'm VERY confused.

What's going on? I died, is this heaven? Does heaven accept people accused of murder? And even if it does, why can I shoot ropes out of my hands? I never read this in the Bible!

I was swinging for about an hour until I decided to get some answers, so I look around, and saw nobody. I got back to the ground and began walking. Finally, I see someone talking to a street light. At first I thought she was hysterical, but I didn't really have a choice but to talk to her.

"Hey, can you help me? I'm a bit confused." She looked at me, she had a sad look on her face. I walked a bit closer but she turned around... and flew away?! Oh my god that's awesome! Wait... I still need to talk to her! I thought. So I began running. She was a lot faster than me in the air than I was on the ground so she was getting away. I no other alternative but to hitch a ride. I aimed quickly, shot the rope and it grabbed onto her ankle. I then tightened onto the rope, kicked off, and I was airborne.

"Get off of me!"

"Please help me! I have no idea what I'm doing here and you're the only person I can find!" She groaned quite loudly, but she didn't cut me off, so I think she was co-operating. Thank God!

The End

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