Flames: Time to face your demons

I met Winter, James and a search team outside the Cathedral. I wasn't exited of going back into the maze, but Abbie and Keela were in there. 

"Everyone ready? Lets go," said James. I looked at the him, then Winter. They both looked like they felt like I did about this, only no where near as bad. 

"Uh, James? Please promise not to explode when I'm nearby again," I said, thinking of my last trip to the mazer.

"Sure," he replied, then turned away. I went over to Winter. For some reason I still couldn't call her 'Miss', even though I knew I should. It felt too... formal, like I'd known her much longer than since my death. 


We reached the mazer without much difficulty. I discovered that I was coming because I knew the mazer. I told everyone to follow, took a deep breath and walked through the wall. I opened my eyes to see Keela on the floor and Abbie standing in front of a shadow like thing. She turns and sees me.

"No! Flames, get out of here now!" she screams at me.

"Too late now. You're here and I'm not letting you out. Ah, I see the family has come" says the shadow, laughing.

"Family?" I say. I turn to see that the only other person of the team here is Winter.

"Winters not part of my family..." I say, confused.

"Oh, I think you'll find you're wrong there. You two are in fact, twins. I would know, I killed your parents. And perhaps you recognise me?" it says. Suddenly an image appears in my head, of a man smiling at me. I don't want to see it all, but I have no choice. Winter screams, and somehow I know it's her death I'm seeing. Suddenly the scene flicks to a guy with a cigarette lighter lighting the paper in the blue bin, and I know what comes next and now it's me screaming as the fire burns my house and I'm trapped no way out. I get my little sister (apparently not my actual sister) out but I can't get far enough away. But it's the same guy. The same guy who killed us both. The same guy as the one in front of me torturing me with my death again. 

"Fantina and Winter, it's time to face your demons," it says, sneering horribly. A fireball, bigger than I've ever made before forms in my hand. Hate clouds my vision until there's nothing to see except Winter and the demon. I hear a crackle and a bolt of lightning flies from Winter's hands as I shoot a stream of fire at the demon. On and on the attack goes and the shadow flees almost fatally injured. I've used all my energy in the attack and I fall to my knees. I see is Abbie and Keela running towards us.

The End

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