James: The search team is ready.

As Winter woke up she began to cry. I Grabbed her hand.  She fell into my arms.

" What Happened , you were crying?" I asked

" I remembered my death." She said gripping me tighter.

I didn't want to ask she will tell me if she want's.  We sat there for while befor I informed her that the search team to go into the mazer was ready And we were needed by tommorow morning. I then kissed her and said " Meet you tommorow mornig outside of the cathedral. The hospital will have released you by then."


The next morning Winter, the search team, and I ment outside of the cathedral and where briefed. Some sorta evil guy or thing has been drooling at the chance to torture some victims so first part of the mission was find him then spray him with some sorta stuff that makes it weak. Rescue Keela and the other.  Flames was coming with the team because she knew what the Maze was all about.

The End

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